Sailing Bodrum and Symi

Bodrum - 1

Bodrum is one of the most popular Turkish resort on the Aegean coast elite. White two-storey houses Bodrum constitute a unique architectural style, strictly persist to this day. Bodrum - a favorite vacation spot of the Turkish elite and bohemian meeting place for artists and patrons, making the city amosferu indescribably exquisite. Often the Tarkan had a vacation here, recently the resort visited Dustin Hoffman and Sting. The ancient city of Bodrum has a rich history. In the past name of Bodrum was Halicarnassus and Bodrum was founded as the second capital of Caria - Greek state. Halicarnassus achieved its greatest prosperity in the IV century BC At this time, the city invites famous sculptors and architects of the time. Mausoleum erected over the burial place of King Mavsolos, considered one of the seven wonders of the world.
Bodrum has a reputation as the cultural capital of Turkey. This is a traditional meeting place of artists, often hosts exhibitions, fleeced many visitors. Who love a bohemian atmosphere for them this city will be especially interesting.Afternoon excellent sandy beaches stretching for several kilometers waiting for you , as well as all kinds of active entertainment : scuba diving, surfing , horseback riding, tennis . Bodrum port - one of the best in the country. From here you can go on a fascinating voyage along the coast.
Cool evening - the best time for shopping and fine dining with friends. Throughout the city there are numerous places fast food, cafes and pastry shops . In Bodrum restaurants await you the freshest seafood and the best dishes are not only traditional Turkish , but also Italian, Chinese , Mexican, Thai and European dishes - from the simple to the incredibly tantalizing treats. You will receive a special treat , visit the cozy suburban taverns and restaurants , located on the shore . You can reach them by car, bus or boat.

Adabogazi (Aquarium Bay), Mersincik Bay - 2

After breakfast we will visit one of the most beautiful places for scuba diving or snorkelling - Aquarium Bay . Between two islands , where the water is clean as crystal and in most cases is not touched by underwater currents , a lot of unusual fish and marine life staying here. Under favorable conditions , the visibility under water up to 30 meters , allowing you to explore the unusual underwater landschaft .In the evening we will sail in a cozy bay surrounded by pine trees bay Mersinchik . The bay is protected from the wind , so there are great opportunities snorkel or scuba diving .
Dinner and overnight in the bay.

Bencik Bay, Aktur Bay, Datca - 3

After breakfast, we will sail to Bencik Bay. The bays of the Gulf of Hisaronu can be reached by our yacht from Bencik.We will have dinner at the gulf of Aktur.Indisputable advantages of this resort before other tourist centers on the coast of Turkey are the first-class ecological situation, untouched a civilization the sea and coastal landscapes sparkling on the sun of a wave and the bottomless night sky, covered with such bright stars which it is rarely possible to observe. Besides, rest in this region is advised to some people for medical reasons, because of a unique microclimate and very low humidity of air doctors recommend to go to Datcha to the patients having diseases of cardiovascular and airways. As a Strabon,the Greek historian and the geographer, told : "the one whom gods love, they send to Datcha that he long lived".
The city of Datcha is on a place of the ancient city settlement Knid. In different milestones of the history this earth serially belonged to the Roman Empire, Byzantium, was a part of Menteshe and the Ottoman Empire. In the 20th century the city any time was known under Reshadiye’s name. Today Datcha is the full-fledged Turkish settlement in which lives a little more than 10 thousand people.We will have a dinner here and stay overnight.

Bozburun, Selimiye Bay, Orhaniye Bay - 4

Bozburun are famous like a ship workshops. Very popular wooden yachts had been made here. During walk on hills it is possible to meet the remains of the ancient city of Larumna. Bozburun has become a central attraction, visited by tourists from all across the world. We will cruise to Selimiye Bay for lunch.The ancient name of this village was Hydas, which got changed to Losta. At sunset, the sun disappearing behind the mountains surrounding the village seems to dye the scenery in a rich red hue. The ancient site of Bybossos Hydas (Selimiye) has ruins dating back to the archaic period. One of the highest hills of the region is in Selimiye, the other one at the top of Sarikaya and the last one has three castle ruins, including the Kizilkoy Asarkale Quarter. The sheep-shaped southeastern hills are visited by foreign tourists looking to explore the castle ruins dating back to the Hellenistic era. The tomb in the southern part of the square is located 100 meters offshore from the coast and shows ships the way to the Selimiye. Other areas of interest include a monitoring tower, a lighthouse, a monastery and a theater.
Beaches in the center of Selimye are stony but if you will move to the left from Fortress on water to depth of the village you will meet unusual, lonely ,wild , sandy beach with a great number of inhabitants inside of sand (crabs and mollusks). The pine wood frames an azure bay. Here the great number of animals and it is very silent. This bay is famous for visiting by couples in love.American underwater archeologists and scientists are engaged in researching sunken wrecks in the region and have produced valuable findings that are now exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum. Selimiye is frequented by the Blue Cruise boats. Selimiye - Hisaronu - Orhaniye are like an indispensable trio. Selmiye is also renowned for its clean sea water, a great bounty of fish, vegetables, fruits, almond and olive trees, the smell of fresh thyme and oregano enveloping the mountains, clean, pollution-free air, peaceful environment and warm people.Then our gulet will cruise to Orhaniye Bay for dinner. Legendary Orkhaniye with the girl sand, the unusual nature and local history attracts here a huge number of tourists. Take a journey down its quaint village roads to discover the historic castle of the black knight . Besides, huge opportunities to eat well, taste rural cheese, olives, fruit and almonds because places here are very fertile.
Orhanie is a magic place for to meet sunset. Here we will stay overnight.

Simy island - 5

The main settlement of the island - small village Simy. It`s houses are painted with different colors and this fact doing this place fantastically beautiful. On the mountain near a small village it is possible to see ruins of fortress of Knights which was constructed on the Acropolis place. Also on the top of mountain the church of the Virgin Mary and Fortress are located. If you`ll have time you can visit a museum and an operating monastery Panormitis with magnificent wall painting.

Palamut Buku, Knidos (Cnidus) - 6

The Palamut Buku it is known for the most beautiful beaches surrounded with mountains and beautiful gardens, the purest water, with abundance of fish. This place really deserved to be called as paradise
Then , we will sail to antique city Knidos. This city has built on the most beautiful place of the peninsula for honor of the goddess Aphrodite. In the IV century it was known as the culture and art center. In Knidos the medical academy second in the history under the leadership of the doctor Eurikhon together with the pupils was created. The mathematician Eudoksus made here discovery of a sundial which and now remained in vicinities of ruins.Knidos has harbors on the Mediterranean coast and on Aegean. There is an avenue in the form of the heart, framed with marble columns, and the Statue Aphrodite decorated all this with her beauty. In this place very beautiful magnificent landscapes. There lived known scientists, such as, the doctor Eurikhon, the artist Polignotus, the mathematician Eudoksus and the architect Sostratos who constructed the Aleksandrovsky beacon. To walk on ancient streets and to buy souvenirs in numerous shops, or to get warm on under a sun and to swim in crystal-clear water, to try local delicacies - there is lots of things which it is necessary to do at this magnificent place.
Dinner and overnight on the Datca peninsula.

Kisebuku (Alakisla), Black Island - 7

After breakfast we go on a journey into one of the most beautiful places you will be able to get acquainted with the ancient Byzantine churches and buildings. One of them ancient church named Gulf Kise.
At Alakisla, you will encounter the ruins of an old monastery by the name of Kise Bay. The most wanted places in the Kisebuku ruins include Yalikoyu, Akarca, Fork, summerhouse, bath, cistern and the cove where the ruins of the church are found. The waters are crystal clear with a wonderful backdrop of pine covered mountains. In a few coves in the vicinity, you can find wonders like cold drinking water boiling! The bay covered with Oleander trees rolling down into the sea against the glittering sandy beaches .
Black Island Karaada
Early in the morning we will sail to Karaada. The black island which also has name "Kara Ada", is well-known for the hot springs and thermal water. Contrary to the name the island is covered densely by green vegetation, mainly there are pine forests.The island is equipped with three anchor parking, first of which carries the name the Mud bay and settles down on its North side. Many tourists are coming here to receive medical treatment of mud and mineral sources. Local dirt is considered as panacea from radiculitis, skin diseases, arthritis. Many cosmetology companies prepare the cosmetic on basis of this thermal mud.
In this bay the old hydropathic institute is located. Here you`ll have a possibility of bathing with a hot water and to take mud baths. Everybody, who visited these magic sources made a note: unusual litefeelingsin a body after reception of medical bathtubs. Hot bathtubs - a magnificent way to rejuvenate and to remove a stress and to look at the world with other eyes: quiet and relaxed. Then our boat will cruise back to Bodrum for the last day’s dinner and an overnight stay.

Bodrum - 8

Upon the agreement, the guests will leave the gullet with precious memories by 10:30.