FAQ’s - CRUISE AND EXCURSION ACCOUNT SET UP                                                                                                                              

“Ever wondered what you could do, if you had your own business or helping to grow your current company?”

Q – What do I need to become your selling agent?

A – You need a working computer and internet connection – That’s all!


Q – How should I become your selling agent?

A – Go to https://www.cruiseandexcursion.com/y/agency-sign-up.html  Register your existing or new company name with a proper email address and phone number. Upload your logo and enter any industry credentials if you have any.


Q – Do I need a username and password to get into the system?

A – Yes, your username will be your email address. When you register your company, you will be also asked to create a password. Please create a password that will be easy for you to remember (Letters&Numbers)


Q – Do I receive a confirmation note after my registration?

A – Yes, you will receive an automated email stating that you have been registered and in approval process. Once we receive your request, we will confirm your application and approve access through our system.


Q – Whom do I need to promote your products?

A – You can target and promote to any customer that are planning to go on a vacation. Cruise vacationing is for everybody from any age to any demographic backgrounds.

Second cruisers are easy to approach, first cruisers are easy to convince if the right information provided. Cruise vacationing is more valued than any resort or hotel vacationing. Average per person spending for cruise is cheaper than a resort vacation


Q – What a cruise vacation offers in the price

A – 5 Star accommodation, 24/7 meals (buffet, main dining, specialty restaurants, cafes and pizza&burger stations), room service, soft drinks (water, coffee and lemonade in the morning), entertainment on board (theater shows, musicals, live music, bands, cinema, casino, children games and animations), spa and gym, sport courts, water slides, tracking, golfing, beauty salons, art ad antique auctions, shopping stores and more.


Q – When can I start make bookings?

A – Once you receive your confirmation note, you can start search our site for cruises, hotels, yachts&gulets for your clients.


Q – How can I confirm my reservation? 

A – After you find your desired product (cruise, hotel or yacht) on our website, you will be asked to follow booking steps by selecting a cabin/room, entering passenger information and creating your invoice.  Then the system will automatically send your booking request to us for confirmation.


Q – Are the price final when we make the booking?

A – Our prices are very updated, however, since we are in a very fast developing era of internet, so the price can sometimes differ during your booking process. Most of the time price will be final during your invoice creation. You will be notified if a change in the price occurs during your selection and booking process.


Q – How do I make payment?

A – Our commitment to our partners are trust based. We confirm all bookings based on your wire transaction proof. You will need to upload an image of your wire transaction in the invoice page to allow us to confirm your booking.

*A credit card terminal has not yet been implemented in our site due to high commission cuts from banks for all sides. But we are working on developing a Credit Card payment system and will inform all our partners accordingly.


Q – How do I cancel my booking.

A – Cancellation is possible in our system. For cruise bookings, cruise line cancellation policies must be taken into consideration. Hotel bookings cancelation dates are mentioned during the hotel booking process. Group cancellation or Yacht/Gulet charter cancelation must be sent to us in written.


Q – Can I make any changes in my reservations?

A – Yes, changes in all reservations are allowed if a request is aligned with cruise and hotel cancelation policies.


Q – Where can I find all promotions and last-minute deals?

A – Our team is constantly working on finding and providing best deals for all cruise lines and hotels. You can always check our Specials/Flyers (https://www.cruiseandexcursion.com/i/flyers.html)  section for updated flyers in English and Russian