Aegean Dreams





Positioned off the seashore of Turkey and approximately 9 km from the village of Fethiye, Gemiler Island is famous for its old and historical ruins and remains of churches dating back to the 4-5 centuries AD. If archaeologist evidences are to be believed, this is also the location of the original grave of St. Nicholas. In the Middle Ages, the island was abuzz with trading ships and boats from the eastern, European and Eastern Mediterranean countries. St. Nicholas being the patron saint of sailors, this island was also known as St. Nicholas Islands in the medieval period. The Gemiler Island is a trendy tourist destination since the Byzantine ruins can be seen from the sea. Other attractions of interest include over 40 ecclesiastic buildings and Christian graves and a Church that was cut out directly from a rock located at the top of the island.

 The island has a bay that is shaped like a lunate and thus provides perfect anchorage. There is a jury-rigged restaurant that serves to sailors, yachtsmen and boatsmen throughout the summers.

Gocek is a natural harbor locating at the head of the Cove of Fethiye on the beautiful seashore of Turkey. Sheltered by the woody foothills of the great Taurus Mountains, it looks over the many islands and sheltered gulfs of this pretty gulf.


When you get to the center, you will see a large street called Turgut Ozal Street that provides many outlet stores for antique and modern rugs and textiles, gifts shops, restaurants etc. It is possible to find all your needs in this street.


Famous supermarkets Tansas, Migros and Bim - have branche offices in Gocek village, additively to many smaller family-run stores that a everything that you will need for either gulet provisioning or self-catering.

While you are walking along calmly the main street to the seaside, you will see elegant, modest, calm, restaurants, fish restaurants, cafes and bars, all playing good global and folk music. However, you should also walk inland a little to see the restaurants and pubs hiding in perfect green gardens, enclosed by colourful flowers. You will find the ambiance stunning with the flower scents, your drink and the untypical high oxygen levels, which you’ll notice you don’t breathe well in general.





Kalkan, discovered on the banks of a bay, is worth to see. It is a tiny but a very lovely holiday resort and has a small yacht harbour, old Greek houses and holiday sites. The traditional white-washed houses, shutters and balconies bursting with flowers present a picturesque view. The narrow streets are lined with souvenir shops. Go for a Gulet cruise to witness breathtaking sunsets, enjoy an appetizing meal in a local restaurant or shop till you drop at the small shops selling interesting goods. You will never get bored in Kalkan.

 You will find many people in Kalkan earning their living by making soap with olive oils, cleaning guesthouses and hotels or working in restaurants that are visited by the blue cruise voyagers.

If you are after a quick getaway, a trip through the Antalya, Kas area of Turkey could be the answer. This place offers exotic foods, never-ending bazaars, stunning beaches, and breathtaking landscape, all blent in the unique culture that can only be experienced in richly historical Turkey. The best time to visit is May through September.

 Kas is a village of Antalya city, has perfection of sea and historical places. Region housed many old civilizations in the past. Therefore, there are so many old places must have seen. These places are; Kas ancient amphi theatre, Atiphellos ancient city, Xanthos ancient city, beaches, Kekova, Demre, Patara, Kalkan… Kalkan is the most popular town of the city.

On your drive to the seashore road from Olympos to Kas, you will be met with a view of beckoning waters that seem to sparkle from every angle. There are many of beaches along the coastal road to break up your trip and lead you make the most of the Mediterranean coast.

Kas was the fishery and harbour village of the city in the past, today is too popular by tourism. Region which is one of the most popular diving centers, there are so many diving schools. Kas is owed to this popularity to its untouched beautiful nature. Region is the last region of the southwest of the city.

You have the oppotunities to do too many nature sports in Kas. There are six caves that are enveloped the city all around, must seen. Most famous ones are Blue cave, Asirli cavern and Guvercinlik cavern. Diving and paragliding are the most popular sports.

There is nobody that seen the Kas’s nature and did not love it. Kas has many hidden beauties and always attracts people by its beauties. There are daily Gulet tours in region to have pleasurable memories during the holiday. There are vacation options that are suitable for every body. You will absolutely find something from yourself in this area.

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With beautiful coves and crystal clear turquoise sea, nature and history dating back to thousands of years, Kekova is a natural heaven. After leaving Kas, you need to sail and past Uluburun to arrive to Kekova with your Turkyacht Gulet. During the cruise, you will also encounter the ancient city of Aperlai in the Sicak peninsula and two islets of Kara Ada and Toprak Ada before ultimately reaching Kekova, which is a spot of paradise on earth. The bays of Kekova are a natural favorite harbor for yachts across all. Along the northern coast of Kekova lies the ancient city of Apolloniadating back to BC 4. Here you can see old summer houses and seaside homes. The towering Simena (Kalekoy) Castle is a great tourist attraction too.       

Theimussa is located around 36 kilometers from Kas, (Ucagiz) cove and is enveloped on three sides by a natural shelter. Theimussa is of critical importance to the Gulet tourism industry, since it offers access to the island of Kekova. Remains of castle walls on a low rocky hill, part of which is under the sea and a city at the east end pier is a must watch!





Famous for its natural beauty, historical places, sparkling and glassysea and the central spot of greenhouse, Demre however is popular! Ready to be pleased in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea settled between the mountains and foothills of Demre and the honey-like smell of spring flowers, lemon and orange. The children in the city bear traces of the Lycian civilization and are regarded as the protectors of the seas.

St. Nicholas`s Church is regarded as the most important place to visit. Thousands of tourists visit the church every year to be hold the mosaics, vaulted halls and chambers and experience acoustic phonetics. You can stand at the bottom of the stage door of the tunnel and say a word and your partner can hear it at the very mouth of the tunnel!


Gokkaya is amazingly beautiful with its indented seashores and many islands opposite them. The Asirli island, Kiseli island and Kasirli island are located in front of the cove of Gokkaya and in the cove itself there are smaller islands scattered all around. The abscissa of a church is visible to the view behind the inlet of Gokkaya. Nearby there is the antique city of Istlada, situated east of the hill. This place is called Hoyran or Hayitli and is within the Village of Kapakli. There is a small city wall in the city zone and a gate in this wall. In the east and north of the Acropolis there are rock tombs, sarcophaguses and steel shaped tombs belonging to the Roman period and antique ruins belonging to the 4th century BC. The Lycian rock graves are situated among Hayitli and the site of ruins. The grave in Kapakli which was a Lycian epitaph and images of three women is known as the Monumental Grave of Hoyran.





Adrasan is an place of incredible natural beauty, on the Lycian Way. It is truly a heaven for addicts of nature, walking with you partner or just relaxing and sun-bathing on the beach. Tortoises cross your path when walking and the birds are vivid. There is a mile long sandy beach with crystal clear, turquoise water, in the middle of one of the country’s national parks embracing nature and history.

Olympos has a great historical value. It has a 3200 meterlong beach, endemic plants, sporting events and wooden houses that are renowned all over the world. Olympos falls under the scope of conservation and therefore, construction is prohibited in and around this antique area. The beach is only a 10 minutes walk away from the ancient city. But it is highly recommended that you explore the city first before heading the beach. The Olympos beach is also a breeding ground for the endangered species of the Caretta Caretta turtles.






Phaselis was discovered as a settlement of the Rhodesians in 7th century B.C. Phaselis has three different coves and its people used to earn their livings from the sea. The city was also known for perfume traditions in old times.

If you wish, you can walk around the ancient town full of antique and significant ruins which are settled on the coast.

The Ceneviz Cove overlooking the open sea is sometimes called Porto Ceneviz cove by the seamen. It is thought that the defensive castle positioned in the back where they separated with the Yalancı Bay may belong to the ancient Olympos. The natural and sheltered location of Sazak Bay is evidence of its use as a harbor since the past. Genoese and Sazak coves which host gulets and yachts in stagnant waters are protected for mediterranean monk seal’s extinction.







Kemer, the district which is only 42 kms south of Antalya, is an significant tourism centre with several hotels with a large capacity, vacation town and modern marina. The name has been given to the city of Turkish word for belt, based on the fact that the river that flows through the Kemer, resembles a belt-shape. Only 20 years ago, it was charming Mediterranean town with two to three story houses lost between orange orchards, facing the calm pine forest of the Toros Mountains. With the growing tourism, the country changed fastly. Three story buildings mushroomed in Kemer. Some of these constructions are hotels, others are businesses. All kinds of international products are sold in the ground floor shops of the town. Tourism is the main thing in Kemer. In the cool evening hours, the village`s streets hustle with tourists and local alike, whose 2 kms about the shops and cafes.






The Antalya area, providing all the mysticism of past in our day and give us the curiousity, is now called the "Turkish Riviera" based on its archaeologic and natural wonders. Antalya is the perfet place where sparkling sea, bright sun, never ending old history and nature form a perfect harmony and which also includes the most beautiful and the most clear seashore along the Medditerranean sea.                  

The city still preserves its significance as a center throughout history in the south seashore of the country, in addition to its wonderful natural beauties. The mythological and mysaterical city which housed the Gods and Goddesses now show the world them all its secrets and marvels to mankind. Antalya and its surrounding is an important and remarkable touristic centre on the Mediterranean Seashore with its fascinating climate and superb harmony of archaeologic, historical and natural beauties, during the year available.