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Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

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Route Information
A 1.Day

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria in Australia and is the second most populous city with a population of 3.7 million. Melbourne`s population exceeded a million in the world among all cities most of it is located in the South.

B 2.Day

C 3.Day

Sydney is one of the oldest settlements in Australia. Including every aspect of the country`s economic center, although it is not the capital. On the shores of Port Jackson was founded. Living between Botany Bay and Sydney`s Pittwater Nauru is known as the homeland of the tribe.

D 4.Day

E 5.Day

Cruise Ship Information
Queen Elizabeth
Cruise Line : Cunard
Construction Year: 2010
Number of Guests : 2068
Number of Crew Members : 996
Number of Decks : 12
Tonnage : 90900 ton.
Length : 294.00 m.
Width : 32.30 m.
Speed : 24 Km/h